Hello there stranger

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you’ll find a fast learner, thirst for knowledge, passionate girl with a big heart and a lot of humor. I love everything that has to do with design and color. Be it craft, animation, digital design, print design, brand design or research for content production. 

My path to graphic design has not been straightforward, I have had to take many shortcuts and detours, which really proves how driven I am for the profession. My everyday life consists of reflection of design trends and color trends and good design that makes my knees weak. The broad foundation and curiosity has made me love learning things. So with me in the team, one gets used to someone saying “Nothing surprises me anymore with you Emmy”.

 According to my former colleagues, I am easy to work with, a team player and always ready to help. In stressful situations, I find it easy to stay focused and be the one to have anybody’s back. In my experience, too much verbal information and working in an environment without a clear structure can be problematic for me as I need lists and clear guidelines. 

I am extremely aware of my strengths and weaknesses and work continuously on both of them. Because of my awareness I’m not afraid to ask for help, communicate about needs or seek tips and advice! 

In a work environment it’s important for me to have; Communication, shared responsibility, each other’s backs, positive leaders, room to be yourself and above all: Friday coffee with wonderful colleagues!