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As a proactive problem-solver, I aim to transform big ideas into concrete plans through continuous collaboration and dialogue. Inspired by a Pippi Longstocking mentality, I believe in trying new things with confidence and combining strength with kindness. I aspire to mentor and lead within the industry, nurturing relationships with people and companies across the globe.

Through my passion for design and marketing, I seek to bring genuine joy and lasting impact to every project I'm a part of. Open communication, constructive feedback, and fostering a fun and collaborative work environment is very important to me. My vision is to build with creativity and curiosity to drive meaningful connections and solutions.

I take pride in my constant thirst for knowledge and curiosity to dive into projects, brainstorm solutions, and produce sought after results. By adapting my skills to the unique needs of each company and individual, I strive to create impactful and respectful designs that resonate with diverse audiences.

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I was 15 years old the first time I heard "You should be a graphic designer".

Yet it took me over 10 years and multiple detours to understand how genuinely passionate I am for the craft. And I'm very grateful for all the diverse paths that led me into the world of arts, colors, developing a natural curiosity with a variety of materials and tools, working with the future leaders and so much more.

It has given me the strength of a true doer, with an endless curiosity, who doesn't see obstacles. There's only new things to discover and learn how to maneuver.


Marketing & Brand Manager

Skillboost | 2023

My main object was to develop and implement a cohesive visual brand identity and marketing message that stood out from competitors on the market.

I started with brand development and competitive research, conducting thorough research to understand the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation. This allowed me to develop a strong brand identity that resonated with the target audience.

Web design was a crucial aspect of my strategy. I created a visually appealing, user-friendly website that effectively communicated the brand’s message and values. In tandem with web design, I implemented social media strategies, crafted compelling copy and developed a consistent visual tone across all social media platforms. I incorporated engaging animations to enhance the overall social media presence.

My marketing initiatives were multifaceted, including campaigns through various channels such as newsletters, videos, and presentations. I ensured all marketing materials aligned with the brand identity and effectively reached the target audience.

To maintain efficiency, I established design processes and systems that streamlined everyday tasks and enhanced productivity, implementing best practices to ensure consistency and quality across all design projects.

Content creation was another vital component. I researched relevant topics and produced high-quality content for the company blog, ensuring all content aligned with the brand’s voice and provided value to the audience. Additionally, I designed and created printed marketing materials that reflected the brand’s identity, ensuring all print materials were visually cohesive with digital marketing efforts.

By integrating these elements, I created a unified and impactful brand identity that stood out in the marketplace and effectively communicated the brand’s message to the audience.


Content Producer

Devoteam | 2021-2023

At Devoteam I was responsible for managing the visual and brand identity transition from Jayway to Devoteam.

This involved overseeing internal communication through newsletters, videos, and presentations, as well as establishing design processes and systems to optimize everyday work. I designed and produced print materials for in-person marketing and supported sales, HR, and recruitment teams in both internal and external communication efforts.

Additionally, I provided mentorship to junior designers and interns, created brand development strategies and templates for various company entities within the parent company in France and Europe. I developed project concepts, wrote briefs, and created marketing efforts for market exposure. In this social media strategies, copywriting, videography, animations, and photography was included.

A big part of my job was to shine light on the employees both internal and external to bring forward our company values and propositions. I conducted interviews, researched topics, and produced engaging content where on of the main goals were to build internal pride.

These responsibilities allowed me to contribute significantly to the company’s branding, marketing, and communication efforts.

Graphic Designer

Headbrands | 2020

As a Junior Graphic Designer, I worked on many different projects. I designed layouts for printed magazines, making them look appealing and on-brand. For websites, I created graphics that improved the user experience and matched the overall design.

I created advertisements that communicated key messages clearly and grabbed people’s attention. I also made animations for social media to keep content engaging and interactive.

For sales presentations, I created visuals that helped support sales pitches and drive business growth. I designed informative and attractive flyers to promote events and products. 

I was involved in concept development, brainstorming, and refining ideas to bring creative visions to life. Additionally, I designed external newsletters, ensuring they looked good and matched the brand’s style. Through these projects, I showed my ability to deliver quality design work across different mediums.

Tommy Davidovic

Digital Designer & Manager

Tommy Davidovic | 2019

Content manager and content creator while studying.

  • Create Brand Identity
  • Web design
  • Video production
  • Social media strategy
  • Competitor/Market analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
Tommy Davidovic


Content Manager

2018-2019 | Malmö Yrkeshögskola.
Received scholarship for my dedication to the craft. 

The Content Manager program is a program that focuses on working creatively and commercially with new digital strategies, target group and channel analyzes in order to best take responsibility for and develop a company’s or an organization’s digital information flow as well as establish a companies online presence. This education involves overseeing marketing strategies to engage customers and ensure that they have a positive view of the company and its products or services.

Art, Design and Craftsmanship

2014-2015 | Nyckelviksskolan

The program provided basic knowledge in art, crafts and design. The wide breadth was perfect to explore different ways to be creative. Here I got a broad foundation of knowledge for higher education, which opened new ways to work in areas such as art, digital spacesxt, illustration, design, furniture and interior design.

Contemporary Art

2013-2014 | Nordiska Konstskolan 

It was a dynamic and contemporary art school that offered a well-functioning system with visiting professional visual artists who all taught for periods of around two weeks. During a school year, the school was visited by around 30 guest teachers. The focus of the teaching is on Nordic contemporary art.

I got a good insight into how professional artists work. In meetings with guest teachers and fellow students, I had a unique opportunity to build a network of contacts that I will benefit from throughout my life.

Textile & Fashion


Gymnasium education where textile and design was the focus elements such as section drawing, pattern construction, material theory and sewing was included. It also provided courses in digital design and photography.