Content Marketing Manager with focus on building the brand, marketing strategies and digital design.



April-October 2023

↳ Description

I started at Skillboost in April 2023. A SaaS company focused on e-learning. My first mission was to clarify and clean up the website and create a modernised brand.

My job included UX/UI, analysing buyer journeys, identifying behavior patterns, creating brand identity, target analysis (B2B), competition analysis, storytelling, and structuring the plan for future projects. 

I took to the challenge with an approach to differentiate Skillboost from the  competitors with colors and playfulness. Through analysing competitors design I came to the conclusion to keep it simple and recognisable, yet different from what others had previously done. 

Brand Identity & Guidebook

Advertisement for the platform created by me with help from pre-made animations.

of platform

A big part of creating a sales funnel for future clients is to create eye catching but informative animations of the simplicity and advantages Skillboost  have. Below you can see a section of the website that I build together with the animations and copywriting I’ve created to display the platform.

1. Create

Choose a template
or create your own


Create efficiently
and stylish

3. Share

Automate the delivery
of content

Social Media

Leveraging social media is vital for promoting
e-learning. It enables the company to reach a wide audience, engage with potential learners, and establish credibility through simple, fun and informative content.

Examples of stories & ads (Swedish)